Stay relax with me! Goodies pick

There is still one month to go for official summer break in Germany😰 Before going to summer vacation, don’t forget to pamper yourself😝
Here are the items keeping me balance work and life 📝

#1 Have private reading time every week on non-work related topics

The best way to take a break mentally is to read something completely new to you – travel book could be a good choice if you love to see different places just like me 😜

#2 Breath in beautiful aroma 

To me, candles are the solid aroma that never evaporates! My current favourites are the Wild Orchid & Honey from Primark, ans soft blanket from Yankee

Primark one is my seasonal fav and soft blanket from Yankee is always on my classic aroma list – it comforts everyone!

A good candle needs to be placed in a good holder in case it doesnt has one by default. #Lalique is a gift from my aunt and it goes perfectly with any medium size Yankeeee

#3 Don’t forget to take care of your skin no matter how busy you are

A good pair of eyemask can serves more than moisturising purpose – simply by putting your eyemasks into fridge, the coldness will greatly relief your eyes.

Spring spray is another recommended skincare goodies to quickly get yourself refreshed.

#4 Board-gamessssssssss

Yes, monopoly now has a mini version called monopoly deal – much less required in terms of game settings. I am addicted to this recently and it is much more flexible than traditional board settings 🙂

Any of these above items attract you?


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