May favorites! 2017

Can’t believe it is June already here!! I feel very blessed that 90% of new goodies i tried in May turn out to be very nice and here I will share all my May favorites with you.

#1 [Health] Supplements – Floradix drinking iron 

For girls, some may share the same experience as I do every month during these special days – the sort of pain that make you feel super uneasy 😦 As an Asian, i cautiously follow my grandma’s tips by keeping warm throughout the entire period but the effect on relieving the pain is actually minimal. Everything changed fundamentally since I start trying the drinking iron “Floradix” – Started from 10 days before my last period, I literally felt nothing on the day and during my entire period last month!!! Floradix now becomes one of my daily essentials and it makes me feel more energetic all day long 🙂


#2 [Beautycare] Dr. Hauschka cleaning cream

Germany’s national skincare brand, you can easily find people carrying shopping bags with Dr. Hauschka printed on it. I decided to purchase my first Dr. Hauschka after reading many reviews on the product line, and made up my mind to go with the cleaning cream.

The cleaning cream is an interesting product that works totally different from its peers from other brands. The texture is close to body scrub where you find large particles mixed with rose oil. Unlike any kinds of scrub, the key when using it is not to scrub around your skin but to mix the cream in hand first then gently flap over your face.

After rinsing, you still feel a protective layer on your skin which prevents skin gets too dry after intense cleaning. I would recommend this product to these who live in area with humidity lower than 50%, and I really like the idea behind Dr Hauschka that to use natural ingredients to help skin to heel instead of feed it with too much nutrients


#3 [Beautycare] Pearl White teeth whitening

Nothing changes overnight, it always hard to judge the effectiveness of whitening products so your whitening level starts from average. The reason i recommend this product is because I see obvious whitening effect on my friend who is a long time smoker and purchased the product same time as I do. The most obvious change on her teeth is the black marks disappeared within 2 weeks! And she had tried other teeth whitening products from some well-know brands before, which none of these achieved the same improvements. If you are in Europe or travelling to Europe, spend less than 3 euros to try this out!


#4 [Health] Chia seeds

Forgive me if this isnt the first time you hear about Chia, same for me, I have heard of this for years but for some reasons, this has never been on my shopping list. I have to admit that the presentation and taste of Chia is not the most appealing ones, but don’t let this stop you from trying it – it really helps you to detox and lose weight.

There are several ways to mix/cook chia, the most common way is to mix it with your breakfast milk or yogurt. Otherwise, it is also convenient to soak it inside your drinking water. One teaspoon a day, you will soon feel less hungry and less congested 🙂


#5 [Fashion] F21 Chocker

The trend of wearing chocker probably starts from early 2016 leads by K-pop stars in their music videos. Personally I always keep a conservative view towards this accessory partially because my boyfriend called it “dog-chain” LOL. My first taste of chocker is in last month (i know it is super late), and i picked one from F21. I cant believe how well it matches with all types of casual looks, and especially for girls with big head (ME!), the chocker highlights your neck and avoid too much attention to my big head ~

For styling tips – please see another blog post for more 🙂

Anything that you tried in May with good feedback to share?




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