Beach essentials

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Have ready for the summer? To make sure you have the perfect beach holiday, check out the following list make sure you aren’t forget anything!

#1 Straw Hat – physical sunblock is usually the most effective way to protect your facial skin from excessive sunshine 🙂 If you looking for something special or personalized strae hat, do check out offers at @summerhatters

#2 Beach Ping-pong !! It is my first time knowing there are ball activities on beach except beach volleyball. I picked a pair of nicely design ping-pong rackets in Ale-Hop, and this makes my beach experience so much more fun.

#3 Book – reading time always goes so quick while chilling on the beach. “The Art of Procrastination” is the one I finished recently on Alicante beach. The author introduced an interesting perspective to get yourself in control for procrastinators like me.

#4 Sunblock cream and Aloe gel – these two goes in pair and I am the one who forget to bring Aloe on my first day on the beach this year 😦 Turns out I got sunburnt at my back…where you find me at the end wearing my tailored vest

#5 Snacks!!! Yes I feel less comfortable without something small and yum around me all the time. I learnt the new Spanish word #PATATA as potato in English and loved all potato chips in Spain.


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