A day in Ajaccio, France

Planning a chill late summer vacation? Ajaccio or Island of Corsica could be a perfect option – sun and beach, food and wine, and of coz shopper-friendly 🙂


I have edited a short vlog on my one-day stay in the capital of Island Corsica – Ajaccio on Youtube, and I would definitely want to go back there one day to further explore the nature-side of this beautiful island.

so, what’s in the city of Ajaccio?


When visiting a French island that located very close to Spain, you can definitely to expect to see brands from both countries – from high-end to high-street. My personal favorites are Maje and Jennifer.


The restaurant I visited (see more details in the vlog) is actually pretty famous locally:    A Merendella Citadina @ 19 Rue Conventionnel Chiappe

The little cozy place serves set french lunch/dinner with at least 5 courses…so make sure you have enough time and stomach space to enjoy them! We had the lunch menu and everything was wonderful except for the fact that be careful with the Goat Cheese.

Goat Cheese is very common in French cuisine, and in A Merendella Citadina, I believe they picked these very fine ones and tried to introduce to diners in “most” of lunch menu choices. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Goat Cheese, and if you aren’t too, make sure you tell the Chief your preference in advance.


Want to know more, check the video above! Appreciated you can also like and subscribe my youtube channel.






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