Eat Pray Love in Roma

Rome is a magical place to me.

I was there in 2012, when I was still in school and had no clue about what the next 5 years gonna looks like. Then I made my first wish in font of the wishing fountain, and it became true – which bought me back to Rome again in 2018.

If you have read the book “Eat Pray Love”, maybe you will have same special attachment to Italy, wanted to visit Rome one day to indulge yourself in culture and food. Culture-wise, my limited Roman time histories knowledge is mostly coming from “Da Vinci Code” series  (i.e. not a pro at all). Food-wise, I do have a lots of tips and here I would really like to promote my favorite and the most special restaurant to me in Rome.

Trattoria Der Pallaro –  the Italian home private kitchen run by an Italian Grandma

The unique experience you can get here is the cozy and homey atmosphere that irreplaceable by any Michelin star/fancy/famous restaurants. Here makes you truly feel like at home.

Serving standard/decided by grandma menu, usually with bunch of starters, pasta and huge portion of side dishes, meat, dessert and wine — all in for 25 euros per head (the price hasnt change since my first visit in 2012). Wondering hows the food looks like, check out my youtube video above!

Needs more food picks? Or you also have nice places to recommend? Comment below and let’s get connected 🙂







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